Computer-aided Design

the danger sign

At the first I started to draw a circle then I made an offset of it, then draw 3 points arc two times one small and the other is big and connected them by lines.

then I made a circular pattern for arcs and lines.


First of all, we are going to draw the circle with diameter 100mm

and then we are going to make an offset to the circle for making the circle with the diameter 85mm

then we draw the smallest circle with a diameter of 15mm then draw a line and then making dimension to make it with the angle equal to 60 degrees with the reference line "Horizontal line " 

then we are going to make a circle with diameter equal to  60mm  and drawing two lines then making many trims 

and now we have the shape that we could make a circular pattern to it.

and the design is attached in this step





our main circle

offset circle

line making 60 degree with horizotal

final design

SUMO_car Robot

that design takes 5 days to be designed that was a great experience to learn at that project

like how to add open source designed like Arduino to your design to make a fast simulation before cutting your design and edit it if there are any Errors.  

I used the knowledge which I learned at  Fablab to make that design.  

there are to other projects at laser cutting and 3D printing

sumo car plan design

3D view

fabricated sumo car