3D Printing

spinner steps

-Draw a circle in the middlle with the diameter you want

-Draw 3 line same length120 degree apart

-end point of lines are the center lines for th new circles

-Draw 3 new circles  and from the same 3 centers draw another 3 with larger diameter.

-draw curves constrained as tangent to the large circles 

-now trim all excess lines 

-exrude to the desired thickness 

-left click and select from right to left then righ click on bodies

-select new creat component

-right click on component and select save as stl then open CAM software (CURA or  Makerbot ) and adjust infill ,layers ,temperature and type of material used my adjustment :230 degree celisius , infill .2 mm ,balanced density

Nearly 18 g

using makerbot software

Editing settings

-I choosed balanced printing mode

-layer thickness 0.2

-infill density 10%

-NO. of shells 2


density 15%

layer hieght=0.2

-floor thickness=.3