Final Project

Name: Automatic Pet Feeder

Purpose: An automatic pet feeder will help in feeding the pet on time with a specific quantity of food.


  • DC Motor

  • H-bridge

  • BPW34 Photodiode "High sensitivity Light Sensor"

  • Perfboard

  • Resistor 4.7 k.ohm

  • AA battery (Pack of 4)

  • 4 x AA Battery Holder in Compact Mounting with On/Off Switch

  • 9V Battery

  • 9V Battery clip with standard DC male plug

  • Arduino uno

  • 4*4 Matrix Keyped

  • 16*2 LCD 


  • Arduino ID

  • Fusion 360

  • Fritzing

  • Makerbot software

  • Cura

-Fabrication Machines:

  • Laser cut

  • Makerbot 3d printer

  • Prusa 3d printer

  • Soldering iron

Cad Design:

I used fusion 360 to design the feeder.


designing part 1

First i thought about the mechanism of dispensing food. The first idea was to make a fan that rotates with specific angles to dispense the food. Just like the picture the first picture below.

Then i had changed this mechanism to another one. It is a screw that rotates inside a tube that has a hole on the top like the remaning photos.



joining the screw and the tube together

designing part 2

The second part of the design is the container where we can storage the food

container side

container front

container bottom

after extruding and joining

expected shape

designing part 3

The third part to design is a plat

plat side

plat bottom

plat front

plat back

After joining the three parts together:


video of expected shape

Fapricat the parts:


3d printing

I used prusa printer to print the screw and makerbot printer for the tube. The screw took 43 gm and the tube took 53 gm

Laser cutting

The container and the plate were made of plywood and cutted with laser cut machine.

note: the kerf was 0.1 mm

Electronics and Programming:

at first ,i made every task separetly:

Testing the mechanism of dispensing the food:

i used a DC motor, ararduino,H bridge and a battery to make sure of the efficiency of the mechanism.



Connecting keypad

First, i have tried to connect the keypad to the arduino and know how it works. 



Connecting the LCD

Like the Keypad, i connected the arduino with the LCD and made it show a message.

Joining electronics modules:

      i have tried to join the circuits which i had done each separetly, but i didn't manage to do it. i beleive that is beacuse some mistakes in the code and connections. If i had more time, it would have been easier to success in doing that.