3D Printing

Fidget - Step 1

Insert a 806 radial bearings from the Mc-Master Carr online store.

Fidget - Step 2

Start a new sketch and draw a center diameter circle from the center of the 806 radial bearing, the circle's diameter should match the outer diameter of the bearing.

Fidget - Step 3

Hide the bearing from screen, and draw another center diameter circle concentric with the previous one. The new circle's diameter is 27 mm.

Fidget - Step 4

Draw a construction line that start from the center of the circles, its length is 29 mm and it should be parallel to the Y-axis.

Fidget - Step 5

Draw 2 concentric circles with the same diameters of the previous ones, 22 and 27 mm, where the center is the upper point of the construction line from step 4.

Fidget - Step 6

Copy the construction line to right, at 13.5 mm distance.

Fidget - Step 7

Copy the construction line to left, at -13.5 mm distance.


Fidget - Step 8

Trim the upper half of the lower 27 mm circle and the the lower half of the upper 27 mm circle.

Fidget - Step 9

Now we will create a circular patern, first, we will select the indicated blue lines in screenshot below.

Fidget - Step 10

Now, we will select the center point, which is the center of the first drawn circle around the 806 bearing, and put a quantity of 3.

Fidget - Step 11

Trim all the extra line inside the primeter of the fidget spinner as shown below.

Fidget - Step 12

Stop the sketch, select the fidget spinner's design and extrude it to 7 mm.

Fidget - Step 13

The fidget spinner's design is now done and ready for printing. Save the extruded body as an STL file. 

Fidget - Step 14

Import the STL file into Makerbot Print 3D Printing Software to slice the design. Set the infill to 20%, and layer height to 0.2 mm. No supports are need considering that the design is entirely flat and no hanging parts. The estimated weight of the design is about 9 grams and estimated time to finish the print is about 2 hrs.

Fidget - Step 15

After the print is done, seperate it from the printer's plate carefully using an object with a thin sharp edge. 

Fidget - Step 16

Remove the raft from the bottom and now the fidget spinner is ready for some action!