3D Printing


The 3D printing assignment involved designing a 3D Object to be printed on the Ultimaker 3D printer.


  1. Fusion 360
  2. Ultimkaer Cura
  3. Ultimaker 3D Printer
  4. Imagination

Step 1: Refining and adding the third (z) dimension to the 2D-Logo

Following the design of the logo in the 2D laser-cutting section, my startup company’s logo, named “7aya”, will be printed in 3D to be added to the final project.


Step 2: From .F3D to .STL

The logo component was converted from being a Body within the Fusion 360 environment, into the .stl file extention

Step 3: Refining and adjust the .STL file in the Ultimaker Cura environment, to be ready for printing

After exporting the logo from Fusion 360 into an .stl file, it was oppened using the unltimaker cura software. Position was adjusted to be from standing on the Y-axis into laying on the X-axis...Also, it was noted that the logo was going to consume 22 gm of filling, and 5 hours and four minutes in order to be finished. Therefore, a re-scaling operation was conducted to lower both the time and material consumption, which eventually led to an 8 gm part that took 2 hours and 8 minutes to be made.