About Me

Marwa AbdElwahed Tawfik Abdou

I am the high school, Earth Science Teacher at Maadi STEM school, Cairo Egypt.

I was born in Zifta, Gharbia on 1 March 1983. I graduated from Mocktar Kamel High school in Zifta, in June 2000, and from Tanta University at Gharbyia with a Bachelor of Biology and Geology in May 2004. I remained at Tanta university to get Teaching Science in English program in July 2005, and I got Vocational diploma in Educational Technology from Banha University at Banha, in June 2008. After that, I got a Special Diploma in Educational Technology from Tanta University, in June 2009. I awarded mission to the UK to get a professional development course for three months from Leicester University, in January 2017.

After my graduation, I worked as a Science teacher for thirteen years at public, traditional and STEM schools.

 In 2010 I promoted to be a science teacher at Amr Ibn Elaas Governmental Language school. However, the enemies of success and the lazy people worked hard to hinder my creativity to make science the closest to the heart and minds of my students.

In 2015, I shifted my career to be a geologist at STEM school to overcome the traditional thoughts and applying my vision which aims to create learners who will be inventors, innovators, critical thinker, problem solver and technologically literate in the future.

From 2015 until now, I  participate each year in the STEM summer camp for 15 days to deliver an orientation and organize activities about STEM instructions by using project-based learning strategies. Moreover, I attend all professional development courses and STEM methodologies training. Due to my creativity and leadership capacity, I become the work team leader each training.

Regarding my extracurricular Activities, in July 2018, I joined the volunteering work with Resala Charity for supporting education quality and poverty goals. In August 2018, I joined the volunteering work with the Children Cancer Hospital for supporting children and their parents. In October 2018, I interned with the Egyptian Youth Council for Development, Egyptian Researcher Association and Marj3 for scholarships.

March 2017. I Won a prize in the Mission Project Competition at Leicester University and I got first place among forty teachers for my project with the title “who is the best teacher”. The head evaluator, Dr. Tony Daniels, Director of Education CPD+ said that my project had the best idea. January 2016, Ministry of education and Intel ISEF Egypt Fair Directors awarded me Certificate of Appreciation for excellent execution as an evaluator at ISEF Competition.

November 2016, Curriculum Development and Learning Materials Center granted me a Certificate of appreciation for the effective participation in the preparation of STEM school Standards in Egypt workshop. December 2012, school administration granted me a certificate of appreciation for participating as a leader for thirty students in the local competition "the best academy class in the school".  September 2018, I awarded an appreciation certificate from UNESCO for my achievements with UN online volunteering.