About Me

Rehab Ahmed Abdelaziz Ahmed

I am a pharmacy school graduate, and I did a one year diploma at Ainshams University in Bioinformatics. I work as a pharmacist in a community pharmacy. Since I am not satisfied with my job because it is a non-challenging career, I tried many other things. I took a few animation courses, and I worked as an animator for a short period. I also took a visual effect course, but I didn't get much benefit of it. I enrolled in many online courses in unrelated subjects; I finished some of them and I quit others. I always seek mind-challenging courses, and I feel motivated and alive when I study a new subject. I didn't find my passion yet; however, I'm still searching and didn't lose hope, yet.



Vacuum Cleaner

I want to make a small robotic vacuum cleaner that moves by itself to clean dust and small particles in homes. It helps busy people in cleaning their floors effortlessly.