Computer-aided Design

Bearings download

I started with saving the 608 2z bearings from McMaster Carr. 

Design the spinner body

I drew a circle with 22 mm diameter, and another circle with the same diameter. Then I added another circle to the outside one by using offset( 3mm apart from the inside circle). After that, I made 2 copies of the outer circle by using circular pattern.

Join Loops together

By using 3 points arc, we join circles together to complete the body. We add tangent constraints to avoid arcs overlapping with the circles. To copy the arc, use the circular pattern again ( select the arc, then select the centre of the main circle to add two other arcs). Then hit stop sketch to begin the 3D modelling.

3D design

I started with selecting the outer circles and body and extrude it. Then, I copied the bearing component and added it in the circlular hole. Afterwards, I made a circular 3D pattern( chose the bearing pattern and the Y-axis). Finally, I fillet the upper and lower surfaces to make them smooth.