About Me

Mohamed Magdy Mohamed ELkholy

Iam very happy to join maker diploma this year after 4 years from trying when i discover that nothing come easy  , so i want to learn about programing and electronics and CAD and all engineering stuff to be able to make better future and easy way to live this life  and after hard work and a lot of faller i succeed because i never give up my dream and love to say (do it or die try it ) because everyone have to push himself up  Because there is a reason for every person to be in this life and(no pain no gain ); my happy wishes to all the dreamers to get your dream just don't give up cause you stronger than what do you think.


Hi all my project about laser harp using arduino

hi all my project about :

laser harp using arduino and the basic idea is when cut the laser from ldr i hear a soundthis is link .

but i found some problem with mp3 module this problem is converting wav file to AD4 file . so i going to make sound  generation from arduino.this link for my project