About Me

Khloud Ahmed mahrouse ali

my name is khloud i taught in  bani swaf university previously but now iam still studing  in  menofia university 

in applied medical science ,i am studing radiology (diagnostic and therapeutic  x-ray ) iam falling in love with my study 

i work as a volunteer in different fields ,and in different countries 

 i work in marketing more than three years 


“helpful box “


This box made to help you if your pulses is more than the normal  range ,because the heart is the most  important organ in our body and if it stops for moment you will die

This box will help people who suffer from heart attack or heart disease ,sports people who run for long distance ,childrens who play for long time and older people ….etc


There is a pulse sensor connected to arduino  board that detects your heart pulses from your finger

And there is a LCD and a push button  which connected to breadboard ,when you presses on a push button the LCD will show “put your finger “then  the LCD will shows the heart pulses 

this "helpful box " will also tells you if your pulses are normal or not and if you arenot normal it will tell you the causes and treatment