Computer-aided Design

the assignment

the assignment is to make this sketch fully constructed 

this is the assignment

first step

1-open the fusion 360 

*you can get a licence as a student ot teacher for 3 years 

new design

the second step

1-open new project then new folder and give it a name 

2-draw a circle from the origin 

3-draw another circle 

then make them  on the same origin  to be constructed 

from this icon

the third step

1-draw an offset line in the middle 

2-draw a slot 

4- draw a line that connect the two circle together 

5-make an arc in the edges of the two lines 


as you can see


finish the sketch 

to make extrude 

step 5 ;make selection

selecte the part which you wanted to make  an extrude to it 

step 6

make extrude to two circle by 5mm 

step 7

select the middle part  and make extrude by 3mm 

step 8

make selsection then make extrude to the last small part 

step 9

print the shape by lesar cutting or 3d printing 

i print this part with my lovely team :)

we print these

Video is processing...


you can see short nice animation about  my assignment

                click here