About Me

Ahmed Abdunnaser Tawfik Adam

I am a mechanical power engineer, I am passionate about fabrications and making useful products as I believe that, we will evolve and become stronger as long as we make our products by ourselves. Academically, I recieved BSc in 2016 very good with honor grade from Helwan university - faculty of engineering at Matria. Professionally, I work as a research and teaching assistant at Helwan university - faculty of engineering.

In this profile, you will find all my assignments that I made during the maker diploma, and you will find my graduation project as well. All the assignments and the graduation project is documented step by step to make it easy to understand for everyone.

Email : eng.aanaser@gmail.com

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My Project : Data Acquisition of Measuring Device

Data acquisition is considered as one of the most important things in this era. Some people consider our era as the era of HUGE DATA. As much as you have data, as much as you're powerful because of the benefits of aquiring data about almost everything in person's life allows you to control him.

The prespective won't change too much when we try to acquire data about the natural events. Acquiring this type of data allows us to perfectly understand how these natural phenomena work. then how to create these phenomena in the lab to make some useful application from them. And that what I am doing in this project, I am collecting data about the heat transfer (natural phenomena) to study how it enhances with adding nano-particles to the working fluid inside the tubes.

The applications of heat transfer are countless, therefore, If I managed to enhance the rate at which the heat transfers I will make a huge improvement in a countless number of applications.

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