Computer-aided Design

Day 1 : CAD Assignment

  • The assignment is to draw a fully defined 2D skitch using the following picture

Step 1 - open new sketch in Fusion 360

After opening fusion, click on sketch icon in the upper bar as in the following picture, then select which plan you want to draw on

Step 2 - start drawing slot, circles, lines, and polygons

Use the icons in the ribbon to select which shape you want to draw then draw it. And use the modification tools to modify your sketch as you need. And constrains tools to add the required constrain.

Make sure to follow the following rules

  • Always start drawing from the origin.
  • Try to make your sketch as symetric as possible.
  • After drawing any shape, add its diminsions and constrains.
  • if there is any blue lines and you don't know why, move it to know which movement it's allow to make. Then add the suitable constrain.

Day 2 : CAD Assignment

  • The assignment is to convert the 2D sketch into 3D model, then add appearance to it, and finally render a photo for the part.

Step 1 - use extrude

By using extrude icon you could convert any 2D sketch into 3D model

Step 2 - Add appearance

You could add appearance to any 3D model by many ways:

  • pressing its shortcut the key "A" on keyboard.
  • right click on the body in the browser then click on appearance.
  • go to render tab and you'll find the appearance icon in the ribbon.

Step 3 - render

After adding the appearance, you can press on the icon of render or in canvus render to start rendering the image.

pay attention: if you render in canvus Do NOT move any thing in the screen or even change the view, as if you did, the render would start again from the begining.

Final Image

Live Action : part building

To see all the steps from starting sketch to rendering the image Watch this video