Astable Circuit

  • In this assignment, I bought the electronic parts of astable circuit and connected them together to make the LED flashs.

Step 1 - Get the components

  1. IC N555 (Timer)
  2. breadboard
  3. LED
  4. Resistors (1x 1KΩ +2x 10kΩ)
  5. Jumpers
  6. Battery
  7. Battery Cap


Step 2 - Put the timer (N555) in the middle of bread board

It's a must to put the timer in the middle as shown in the pictures below. Because we need to make sure that, every pin in the timer has its own metal strip to make connections by it.

Timer (N555) Configuration

Step 3 - connect the LED with pin no. 3 of timer

DO NOT forget to add current limiting resistor CLR in series with the LED (usually 330Ω up to 1KΩ).

LED connection

Step 4 - connect pin no.1 to the ground and pins no. 4 and 8 to VCC (5V)

As shown below

Step 5 - Connect pin no.2 to pin no.6

As shown below

Step 6 - Connect pin no.2 with pin no.7 by a 10KΩ resistor and connect pin no. 7 with VCC by a 10KΩ resistor as well.

As shown below

Finally: Connect pin no. 2 with ground by using a 10-microfarad capacitor. Then supply power using battery and battery cap.

As shown Below


You could watch the video of final result from here.

A Comment

By changing the values of microfarads of capacitor and the resistance of resistors the rate of flash changes as well.

you could used potentiometer instead of resistor and try.