About Me

Mahmoud Tareq Anwar Abd Elaal

I'm a student of mechatronics engineering at Al Minia university. I have been in the field of Fabrication since 2015, I worked for laser cutting,3D printing, and installing and maintaining 3D printers.

I have handed the position of technical manager at FabLab El Minia.



paste extrusion system

I'm designing a simple paste extrusion system that I can work on and improve its factors to reach a perfect extrusion process  using digital fabrication techniques (laser cutter, 3d printing) for the hardware and Arduino for the software   in addition to my documentation will make it easy to duplicate by junior makers it'll be simplified as it has to be  for most of us, it may be just a project for fun but actually the paste extrusion technique opens the gate for many of industrial application  but we'll start with the technique so if you're following these steps ill let you free to choose your application