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Aya Ayman Mohamed Ali

“I think that in order to be  successful, you have to figure out what you are passionate about first. No matter what you aspire to, you’ve got to love what you do in order to be successful at it.”   Michelle Obama

Hello ♥

I'm Aya, a physics teacher. Everyone of us has something special to do , so if you want to do or learn anything start and never give up. I love to learn any field about physics , programming or even medical, I believe that "Try to learn one thing about everything, and everything about one thing" .

So I applied to Maker Diploma and it was very useful and fun experience that I ever had before. There we learned, and applied what we have learned , the learning there not only theoretically but also practically.

In this profile you will find my final project and also the assignments that we have taken in maker diploma , it was written in very simple way so you can implement them easily . I hope you get benefit from this profile and be ready to start your own project.




Laptop Stand with Controlled Temperature Fan

        Everyone has a laptop if you ever have used it to render a game or edit or upload something or even download , you will observe that it gets really Hot. If you have a laptop made up of metal in the outer design you will already feel this amount of heat that inside the laptop.

        But this heat not only damage your hard drive ,but also your files and shorten the life of the other expensive hard to replace components inside your laptop.

        All laptops CPU & GPU generate a lot of heat when they perform a lot of tasks. To keep your laptop away from increasing of temperature ,this project is useful for you to use it.

 Here In this project:-

       We have laptop stand provided with a Temperature Sensor , RGB LED and DC Fans which all of this will be controlled by using Arduino.