About Me

Abdallah Ibrahim Hawary Mahmoud El-Abd


This is Hawary, Teacher of physics, Graudated from faculty of education, " Passed through here and this impact " one of my best quotes ever, Don't life as a normal person who is like many people, I belive that everyone have to be unique and passionate also be a fighter for your goal it is not an illusion, You can do your best in your career.

I was a Volunteer in many things before some of them 

  • GIZ organization
  • Handicap International organization
  • Youth Parilement of Ministry of Youth & sports

It was a great experience I had learnt from those volunteering and projects.

Hope to be one of the most 100 influential persons in one day and I belive that I can acheive it.

Email: Abdullahawary@gmail.com


About project - An electronic wireless locker


  • There are alot of old pepole who hve a difficulty in moving also who are have a disapplity in moving, so when any one knock the door they have to move from their place to open the door and this is so hard to them.


  •  The idea is creating an electronic locker which can be controlled by wireless connection such as ( Bluetooth – Wifi ) through an android application on the mobile which connecting to the Bluetooth module and send the orders to the Arduino to make the servo to move to open or close the door. 


  • To create a device can be used through wireless to help those people without moving from their place like open the door when any one knock the door.
  • Help those people by giving them this project to be able to control this electronic locker door to open or close while they are set on their place without need to do any move or effort.