About Me

Abdelrahman Mosaad Mohamed Aly Khattab

Abdelrahman Khattab is a PhD holder in the Microbiology field with years of successful experience in scientific research and academic teaching. Khattab specializes in Microbial biotechnology and made post-graduate studies in microbiology, chemistry, and biochemistry plus regularly attends national and international training courses and conferences to develop Microbiology tech trends, such as course design, microbial products, analytics tools. A strong believer in the power of using electronics in the workplace, Khattab applied for the maker diploma to develop his electronic background and research tools. Khattab enjoys Arabic handwriting calligraphy but can also be found in the red sea as a diver.


Simple bioreactor control unit Project

Bioreactors are used in industrial microbial production, stirred bioreactor is the most common bioreactor and controlled through control unit which determine the agitation rate, temperature degree, and others according to the requested function. 

This project will help me in making an experimental work easily and get the data rapidly and accurately in low cost.  

If you still intersted, please check the final project page.