About Me

Maram Mohammed Hosni Gharib

I am currently a juniour student studying Computer & Communication Engineering at Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering. I enjoy crafting and I like art in all its forms. I am one of those people who prefers hands-on learning because it allows one to learn through real experience but unluckily we don't get to benefit much from that in college which was one of the reasons why I applied to the Maker Diploma; and I must say, it was a great and fun experience. I do believe that everyone has something special in them to offer the world yet unfortunately we don't all get to discover what that is. Exploring different opportunities and trying new things out could help with that. I am trying to constantly learn something new everyday and I do hope that one day I could be part of a progressive society and change people's lives for the better.


Smart Planter Box

Whether you are a beginner or experienced plant lover, taking care of indoor plants isn't easy especially while leading a busy life. However with a Smart Planter Box, taking care of your plants is now easier than ever.

A Smart Planter Box automatically waters the plant and alerts the owner when growing conditions aren’t suitable or when water tank needs refilling by continuously monitoring soil moisture, light exposure, temperature and humidity. This enables you to take care of your plants under the most suitable conditions. So no matter how busy or forgetful you may be, there's a much better chance you'll be able to keep your plant alive with a Smart Planter Box.

“A Smart Planter Box is all about the plant being able to take care of itself.”