About Me

Ahmed Nasser Zakariya Kidwani

“Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.” - chineese proverb

Hello there, it’s Kidwani. currently, I'm a mechanical engineering senior student. I love Engineering, manufacturing, technology, decoration, and horror movies. and I hope I can find my way using all of them, except the last one of course.

this is my page where you can find all the cool stuff, I made during Maker Diploma #16, detailed enough so that you can do them by yourself too.

If you need any help just mail me: kidwany84@yahoo.com

good luck,



Pet S-Home

a smart outdoor pet house that its light turns on when the pet is home and off otherwise. also, the Pet S-Home recognizes the behavior of the pet as if the pet is safe inside, playing outside, eating, or drinking. and sends you that info via your smart phone.

you can check on your pet any time using only your smart phone

also, you can use the recorded data of pet behavior when you visit its vet.

It’s recommended for veterinarians to use the Pet S-Home in their research.as it’s friendly and easy to use.