3D Printing

3D printing

Unlike laser cutting, 3D Printing is additive manufacturing process. A lot of material can be used in 3D printing but the most common are the polymers.


In the following lines;

the steps of manufacturing some parts of my final project are illustrated:

1st step:

I wanted to 3D print 2 plates for food and water for the pet and two holders for IR sensors. I used fusion 360 to design the parts and exported the files as STL file extension

2nd step:

In order to generate g-code files from the STL files, I opened the STL files using ULTIMAKER CURA software and chose 3D printer (original Prusa  i3 MK3S) which is the same one in Fab Lab Egypt. And I altered the settings to the following in the picture:

3rd step:

I pressed the slice button to create the g-code files.

4th step:

then I uploaded each one of the two files to a 3d Printer.

And in less than 4 hours I got my parts ready to assemble.