Astable circuit



First, I purchased the following components from store in order to make my Astable circuit.

project description: a circuit that makes an LED blinks where you can adjust the time of flashing. this circuit is being used in cars on waiting position and danger alarms too.


I looked for the pinout of NE555 as shown in figure 1.

 On the breadboard, I marked one bar to be the Vcc bar and another one to be the Ground bar to be connected later to the battery. Then, I made the following connections:

  1. Pin 1 of NE555 to Ground bar.


  1.  Pin 2 to +ve terminal of capacitor C1.


  1. -ve terminal of C1 to Ground bar.


  1. Pin 3 (out) to one terminal of R1. the other terminal of R1 relates to +ve side of LED 1. Where the -ve side of LED1 was connected to the Ground.


  1. Pin 4 to the Vcc bar.


  1. Pin 5 was left with no connections.


  1. Pin 6 to the +ve terminal of C1.


  1. R2 was used to connect between the Vcc bar and Pin 7 of NE555.


  1. A potentiometer R3 was connected between Pin 7 and +ve terminal of C1.


  1. LED2 in series with R4 between the Vcc bar and the Ground bar.

 After checking the connections and polarity of different components such as LEDs & C1 and comparing them with the schematic in figure 2, I connected the +ve terminal of battery to the Vcc bar and the -ve terminal of it to the Ground bar. 

  • I adjusted the potentiometer to control the flashing time.

And now it blinks;

Press the link and follow my video explains the whole process. Enjoy it.