About Me

Mohab Magdy Arafa Hassan

I'm one of the believers of the power of mixed fields of study and that there are a match area between any two careers. Thats why I follow my passion to study programming and electronics even though that not my main career.

I'm Mohab Magdy. in this moment,I'm 3rd year student at Geophysics department Faculty of science cairo university. I'm Public Realition for Society of Exploration Geophysist Cairo university (SEG CUSC) and fundraising for Step Toward progress (STP).

My dream to work at Astro-Geophysics field in NASA or SPACEX. And to work with people who's mix between Engineering and Geophysics fields.


Knock Safe Box

All of us see word"the password you entered is incorrect please try again"before and thanks god for his securaty system and verifying tools which allow you to open your account again after you think that you loss it for ever.

we see this situation alot of times but its easy when we see it with online password, but what about when we face it with locker?!

my project is a safe box which open with her own password and have knock pattern as a verify tool to open the locker when you can't reamember the password