About Me

Abdelrahman Salah Mohamed Hashem



how are you doing 

i'm Abdelrahman salah student in faculty of engineering -mechanical production i'm 19 years old 

i love to creat new things so i applied to this diploma and luckly i get more than i dreamed ,it's wonderful to see things i a diffrent way not as user but as Adminstrator ,creat new things modify the old things that my passion and i found it , so i hope enjoy with my project :)



Automatic Water dispenser

I know that there some of you will say this project is already Exist  well i didn't choose it for unknown reasons i will give you the reasons


  • firstly

About 71% of earth is covered with water, but sadly only 2.5% of it is drinking water. With rise in population, pollution and climate change, it is expected that by as soon as 2025 we will experience perennial water shortages. At one hand there are already minor disputes among nations and states for sharing river water on the other hand we as humans waste a lot of drinking water due to our negligence.

  • secondly

I believe in in proverb which say (don't give me a fish instade teach me how to catch a one )  that what i am trying to do to teach people to do ,that i will not give you this complecated project ready ,instade i will make you build it easily .