About Me

Merna Mohamed Saleh Mohamed

I am biomedical engineer on faculty of engineering cairo university. I love entrepreneurship and i believe that any field can be much meaningfull with business. I also love reading and it was one of factors that make me keen on attending such a professional community as Fab Lab Egypt. Knowledge is power so whatever your background try to attend next Maker Diploma.


Blood Bank Saving lifes

Blood is one of the essential components on human body. All of Us saw  on movies or how blood transfusion for patient on operation is very critical and how it was sensitive action and it depend mainly on doctor instruction and order. this process take some seconds about  two minute as maximum to take the decision and some additional minutes to bring blood bag to operation room. Biomedical engineering have great goal to help doctor and decrease patient's pain or increase minutes in their life so i decide to create a system (blood bank saving life.