About Me

Omar Ahmed Fahmy Youssef

Hey there, this is Omar! I study Engineering at Cairo University. I've just passed my first year (foundation year) at faculty of Engineering with "Excellent" grade, being one of the top 10 outstanding students. I recently joined Electronics and Communications department. I'm enthusiast most about soccer, having been already a professional soccer player before. Now, I can say that an addition has been made to those interests, which is ELECTRONICS :) . That's why I applied for the ACC Maker Diploma, which I found a very suitable place to know more about Electronics, connect various circuits and try out different things!


Line following and obstacle avoiding robot

The main goal of making any robot is to reduce human effort and to save time. This smart and intelligent robot can be used in industries for carrying goods and transferring them from one place to another, being aware of objects around and how to avoid it. This robot is more efficient than a simple Wifi or Bluetooth controlled robots, because it needs manual operation. It can go in any particular direction and to any destination but the main problem is it needs continuous manual commands, which limit its applications in all the work places. What makes this robot so practical and more efficient that once it is placed on the desired path, the working of the robot is totally automatic, there is no need for controlling the robot manually.