About Me

Mohammad Diaaeldin Mohammad Gomaa

A fresh graduated pharmacist (2018). After graduation, I didn't like the field of work as I carries much responsibility and has other disadvantages.So I am looking for another fields that either I can combine my pharmaceutical experience with or shift to it entirely.

My dream is to leave a legacy but the way to do that isn't determined yet .

I like

  • editing photos and videos
  • technology especially VR and AR
  • Programming
  • Games
  • Anime




Arm Gadget "مُسَعَد"

Arm Gadget is an assisting multifunctional arm piece,attached to it , consists of an ardunio UNO with rechargable lithium ion battary.The prototype is supplied with a keypad as an input and LCD as output. its main purpose is to assist during the daily life .

It can be used to display time , as alarm and as a power bank.