About Me

Mahmoud Zakaria Hamed M

HI i am Mahmoud 

  • I am a visual Artist , exuctive creative ON TV NETOWRK

  • working in graphic design and branding around 20 years 

  • intersted in visual effects , 3d holograms , 3d projection maping 


Laser Infrared Thermometer Gun

Infrared thermometers are widely used in many work environments to determine an objects surface temperature. Often times in a machine or electronic circuit, rising temperatures are one of the first signs that something is wrong. A quick non-contact check with an infrared thermometer can let you know what is happening with the temperature of a machine so you can shut if off before it causes permanent damage.

Infrared radiation is just another type of radiation that exists on the electromagnetic spectrum. We cannot see it but if you were to place your hand near a something hot like a stove top, then you would be feeling the effects of infrared radiation. All objects emit energy in the form of infrared radiation. Most handheld thermometers use a lens to focus light from one object onto a thermopile which absorbs the IR radiation. As more IR energy is absorbed, the hotter it gets and the heat level is converted into an electrical signal which is eventually converted to a temperature reading.

I was working on a circuit the other day and I had a component that was getting extremely hot. I wanted to know the temperature of the component but since I do not own a infrared thermometer I decided to build my own. It has a custom 3D printed enclosure 

 Its a great application into sensors, 3D design/printing, electronics, and programming.