About Me

Osama Ashraf Yassen Elsergany

hello guys I hope you are fine I am a student at the Faculty of Engineering, Systems and Computers Department. I am interested in some of the leading technology currently, "such as embedded systems and some applications at internet of things

and somethings like that."


My project:

smart shoes for blind.

First: This project can work to identify the obstacles and barriers that appear in front of the person and then make a warning warning to stop or take cautious steps through the ultrasound sensor or in the event of crowding in an area with a high volume the shoe is shaken by a vibration motor.

Second: Also, this cover that is installed on the front of the shoe has a sensor for the steps of the person called piezo sensor, it is calculated in order to determine the number of steps that were taken in this way and then save and restore their application when going to this place again and can generate electricy and you can using it for charge phone or Anything like this